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The Penticton Medical Staff Association welcomes the opportunity to showcase our hospital as your future place of work. Allow us to introduce our team of over 171 physicians/medical staff, and show you around our community. Intrigued? Contact our physician recruitment leads today.

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Outdoor recreation

Pristine hiking trails, mountain biking, and world-renowned rock climbing are within 5-10 minutes of our hospital. Or, drive 30 minutes to Apex Ski Resort. Penticton is one of just two cities in the world situated between two freshwater lakes with some of the best beaches in Canada. Contact us to arrange a private tour of the area or take you on your next adventure.

Life in Penticton

Our community boasts more than 170 wineries and dozens of local eateries featuring seasonally inspired, local cuisine. Get in touch with us to arrange a wine tour or trip to one of Penticton’s hottest restaurants! See Visit Penticton for more information.

Finding Housing

Planning a visit to Penticton as a locum, or in need of short-term housing? Contact us for exclusive physician accommodation within five minutes of the hospital, or we can match with you a local real estate agent for a tour.


Contact us for information on public and private schools in the area, post secondary options, and private school tours.


See the OneSky website for more information.

Have more questions? Contact our physician recruitment leads today.

What our local physicians say about working here:

In 28 years of working in various communities, I have chosen to remain in Penticton because the collaborative and supportive environment in which Specialists and Family Physicians work together provides confidence to me and my patients that they are receiving optimal care. Dr. Murali Venkataraman

We moved to Penticton because we wanted to raise our family out of the rat race and in a place where we could swim, cycle, ski and hike. The elusive work life balance is achievable, the people I work with are great and we have a wonderful team at PRH. Dr. Michelle Scheepers

I love the people that I work with.  We have a small department where people truly care for one another and make the work fun. Dr. David Stoll

It is wonderful to share the care of patients with such a wonderful group of doctors/nurses and allied health care professionals who all put exceptional quality of care and collegiality as their first priority; to work with people who all are pulling in the same direction and are constantly striving to maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives. Dr. Sarah Broder