Funding is available for physician led projects, through Doctors of BC’s Facility Engagement Initiative, a joint partnership between Doctors of BC, Ministry of Health, and regional Health Authorities.  If you are a member of the Penticton Medical Staff Association and have a project that you would like to initiate or lead, please click on the button to the left to apply for funding, or contact the MSA executive directly.

In 2018, Penticton medical staff indicated a key topic for future work was a wish to build better relationships within PRH.  This has been a focus of the MSA, and in an effort to help build awareness on who occupies the key roles within our hospital, we are providing this IH organizational chart as a reference. We are promoting further key relationship building of dyad partners (medical leads with their administrative counterparts) so that physicians have a clear path of engagement for their ideas. 

Support is available for physician recruitment, retention and retirement efforts for PRH medical staff.   Funds can be accessed towards invigorating recruitment efforts, including housing for locums.  Support is currently underway to bolster Interior Health’s Physician Recruitment Office, and to enhance collaboration and communication between department heads and IH.  Please contact Drs. David Stoll or Michelle Scheepers to learn more or access support.


Compensation is available for medical staff (at sessional rate) for various meetings with Interior Health that are above and beyond departmental duties or department head roles.  The MSA recognizes the value of physician and medical staff time, and challenges associated with taking time away from clinical duties.  Contact Dr. Forzley for more information or to access compensation.

Physician Leads: Drs. Sheena Manning, Zoë Ayling, Michelle Scheepers, and Sarah Broder

The Physician Wellness Initiative is in response to the rising incidence of physician burnout and increasingly complex work environments that physicians encounter.  The initiative was launched in the spring of 2019 and involves an annual physician wellness retreat, as well as support for mini-wellness projects led by medical staff throughout the year that are designed to improve relationships, teamwork, and reduce overall stress.  Contact the physician leads to learn more.

All PRH medical departments are eligible for administrative support and funds to maintain college accredited education rounds and journal clubs.  Central CME at PRH also funds Grand Rounds, speakers’ honorariums and travel costs.  Contact the MSA to learn more or apply for funds.