Each year, the Penticton Medical Staff Association awards two medical staff members for outstanding service and teaching in medicine.  Award recipients are innovators in their field, provide exceptional patient care, go above and beyond the call of duty, and are dedicated to leading opportunities that promote and increase learning and knowledge exchange.   The Medical Awards started in 2017 at Penticton Regional Hospital and the recipients are featured on a wall plaque inside the lobby at Penticton Regional Hospital.  The MSA is proud to honour the following award winners who have made significant contributions to the field of medicine and to our community.

Dr. Chad Dyck

2020 Award Recipient for Outstanding Teaching in Medicine

Dr. Dyck has practiced medicine at PRH for the past 16 years and is recognized as an excellent clinical teacher with a welcome and encouraging approach.  He is committed to ensuring learning opportunities are consistently available for residents as well as serving as a mentor to many of his departmental colleagues.  Dr. Dyck has been described as a “builder of bridges – he understands the importance of tradition, and yet the significance of moving forward”.

Dr. Brian Forzley

2020 Award Recipient for Outstanding Service in Medicine

Dr. Forzley works tirelessly to provide and promote exceptional patient care at PRH. He has served as the MSA President for the past two years, bringing enthusiasm to administrative leadership and shaping the MSA into a more enhanced and sustainable structure.  Dr. Forzley has championed change for the MSA that has helped the Penticton medical community and patient care in general. 

Dr. Jeff Harries

2019 Award Recipient for Outstanding Teaching in Medicine

Dr. Harries is a ground breaking leader in BC, leading efforts to share knowledge and evidence on effective treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). Dr. Harries has helped to teach thousands of people, including physicians, outreach workers, treatment providers and community members on under-utilized options for AUD and its management.

Dr. Niall Davidson

2019 Award Recipient for Outstanding Service in Medicine

Dr. Davidson works tirelessly to go above and beyond the call of duty to support patients and colleagues in medical care, and has made significant improvements in physician recruitment, EEG, EMG and MRI. Dr. Davidson provides exceptional contributions in both inpatient wards and the Emergency Department and leads with a deep commitment to service, and a constant sense of humour!

Dr. Murali Venkataraman

2018 Award Recipient for Outstanding Service in Medicine

Dr. Venkataraman has helped immensely with physician recruitment in Penticton, and provides outstanding patient care.  Dr. Venkataraman offers consistent leadership in the hospital, community, and private medical clinic.  He was involved in the creation of the Community Inpatient Service at PRH, and helped to lead development of the family medicine residency program.

Dr. Brad Raison

2018 Award Recipient for Outstanding Service in Medicine

Dr. Raison contributed tireless effort and diligence in moving the David Kampe Patient Tower into completion.  Dr. Raison continues to contribute efforts towards planning the build for the new Emergency Department in order to enable the best possible care for patients, safety for physicians and staff, and a positive work environment.

Dr. Christopher Krause

2018 Award Recipient for Outstanding Teaching in Medicine

Dr. Krause spent countless hours building a robust Journal Club for his Emergency Department.  Dr. Krause runs the monthly CME program, including reviewing and selecting papers, assisting with evaluations, inviting residents and other departmental colleagues and ensuring accreditation standards are maintained for both the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, and the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Dr. Susan Tebbutt-Speirs

2017 Award Recipient for Outstanding Service in Medicine

Dr. Tebbutt has exceptional leadership qualities.  Having served as chair for the Medical Advisory Committee for several years, Dr. Tebbutt was able to tackle complex problems and find solutions.  As the head of Laboratory/Pathology at PRH, she works tirelessly to ensure high quality services are available.  Dr.  Tebbutt was one of the key physicians instrumental in finding funding for the new patient tower.

Dr. David Kincade

2017 Award Recipient for Outstanding Teaching in Medicine

Dr. Kincade provides invaluable and varied learning experiences both within and outside of a clinical setting.  Dr. Kincade practices patient-centred care, and has an impressive and deep knowledge of evidence based medicine in multiple fields. Dr. Kincade treats his residents as full members of the team, displaying respect and appreciation for their work, and has been named one of the best role models that residents have experienced during their medical training.