Facility Engagement Working Group

The Penticton MSA’s Facility Engagement Working Group administers over $300K annually for the MSA, with funding from BC’s Facility Engagement Initiative (FEI).¬† FEI is a provincial initiative through Doctors of BC that aims to strengthen relationships, engagement and communication between health authorities and facility-based physicians, to improve their work environment and the delivery of patient care with:

  • Improved opportunities for physicians and health authority leaders to work together to share knowledge and make informed decisions that can improve patient care, the physician experience, and the cost-effectiveness of the health care system.
  • Opportunities and support for physicians who work at facilities and are members of the medical staff¬†to develop a meaningful voice, and increase involvement in local activities that affect their work and patient care.
  • Funding to support activities that involve physicians in decision-making, and:
    • Pay for physicians’ time in activities.
    • Hire expertise to support the physician activities (e.g. a coordinator for administrative support; an analyst to track issues, develop business cases and manage projects; a physician lead to support engagement activities).

The following members sit on the MSA FEI working group, representing each medical department.

Dr. Marius Snyman

Board Secretary-Treasurer
Family Physician, Department of Family Medicine

Dr. Elmine Statham

Pediatrics Lead
Pediatrician, Pediatrics Department

Dr. Said Jumaa

Psychiatry Lead
Psychiatrist, Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Carl Peters

Surgery Lead
Ophthalmologist, Department of Surgery

Dr. Bree Harris

Board Director
Otolaryngologist, Department of Surgery

Dr. David Stoll

Emergency Department lead
Family Physician, Emergency Department

Dr. Jose Goncalves

Obstetrics Department Lead
Obestrician-Gynecologist, Department of Surgery

Dr. Jen Begin

Family Medicine Department Head and Department Lead
Family Physician, Department of Family Medicine
Bio Jennifer is a full service family physician working in office, hospital, long term care and maternity. She enjoys spending her free time beaching, kayaking and travelling with her husband and 10 year old daughter.

Dr. Sarah Broder

Department Lead
Respirologist, Department of Internal Medicine

Dr. Tim Phillips

SOS Division of Family Practice Lead
Family Physician, Department of Family Medicine

Dr. Susan Tebutt-Spiers

Laboratory Medicine Department Head
Pathologist, Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Michelle Scheepers

Board Vice-President and Anesthesiology Lead
Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesiology

Dr. Brian Forzley

Board President
Nephrologist, Department of Medicine

Dr. Bob Wong

Diagnostic Imaging lead
Radiologist, Diagnostic Imaging Department

Dr. Jacqueline Stewart

Board Director
Rheumatologist, Department of Medicine